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Laetitia Ricotta 

Your colors express the beauty of your soul and what God is. Honored and grateful for having 

cooperated with you!

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Ho avuto la grazia e la possibilità di collaborare con il gruppo musicale dei RaDioLuce.

Ho partecipato al videoclip del loro canto "Pace di Pentecoste", montato da DBvideo.

Ringrazio il Signore per aver avuto l’onore di servirlo in questo bellissimo progetto che vede protagonista lo Spirito Santo e la pace che solo Lui può donare.

I made some watercolors with Nadia Toffa and her beloved dog Toto as their subject.

The purpose of the illustrations is to be used by the Foundation for charity.


I made some covers of singles and music CDs for the Christian singer Debora Vezzani.
A watercolor work was used as the basis of the song's official video clip.


I made the cover of the musical single "Sole" by the Christian singer Laetitia Ricotta.

You can listen to the song here.

I founded with the painter Valentina Mulè the group of "Artists for God #makeartforjesus".

We are a group of 55 artists, coming from all regions of Italy of all artistic forms: we are painters, graphic designers, photographers, poets, writers, dancers, singers, actors ...

We combine Art and Faith in God and use artistic charisms to manifest the beauty of the Lord . 

Several well-known artists collaborate with the project such as the musical group Kantiere Kairòs , the Sacred Dance Association Holy Dance  and the painter Dawid Kownacki .

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The presenter Sabina Braschi, in the "TESTIMONIALS" section of the MARIA VISION channel, interviewed me on various topics:

- the book "Over the rainbow. Postcards from Heaven" and my near death experience (NDE);

- the daily experience of art and faith;

- my experience as a mother of 4 children in heaven;

- the watercolor works created for two Christian singers: Debora Vezzani and Laetitia Ricotta.

They also broadcast some of my videos on the You Tube channel.

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A group of married Catholic women, which currently has more than 5,000 members, united by the Christian faith, sharing the joys and hardships of their daily lives and the Christian education of their children.

I edited some articles for their website where I inserted my illustrations and videos for educational-religious purposes . 

I also carry out some reflections on the Sunday Gospel.

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