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Progettazione web

Digital Art 

"An Applepencil in the hands of God"

This would say Saint Teresa of Calcutta if she could use today's language and describe herself, as an instrument in the hands of God.

This is what I humbly try to do: use new technologies to convey a message of hope.

Make God's Kingdom visible through digital illustration. This kingdom is  inaccessible to human eyes but perceptible to the eyes of the heart and faith.

I create digital illustrations with my Ipad using  different drawing programs.

I call this typology of works "God-signs" because for me they are not simple drawings, but they can be sign of a divine presence that permeates our lives.

I also create illustrations on photographs in order to show that Heaven is not far from our everyday life.


God is beauty. This beauty is scattered in superabundance in the visible world. a fragment of this beauty. "

Saint John Paul II

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tulipani vers_edited.jpg

Anna Allegrezza

Your drawings are beautiful, I'm crying because I was moved ... thanks.

They are modern but very respectful of the 

tradition ... Congratulations!

Donatella Porto

Your every design is a work dictated by the heart.

photo_2022-04-23_10-09-15 (5).jpg

Rosanna Albarelli

Your drawing on Jesus is really beautiful because you put him "with us"! It makes us feel closer!

The Lord lives in your heart and manifests himself through your designs!

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