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The art tools used for the works are produced for Fine Arts.

The watercolor paper used is of high quality, 100% cotton and high weight, which allows you to have an excellent final result of the work.

The watercolor colors used are in pods or tubes, extra-fine and professional, with pure and transparent pigments.

The chosen color palette is the result of years of experimentation and reflection on the colors I saw in Paradise.

Many shades that I use are made from fragments of gold and precious stones.

The brushes chosen have natural and non-synthetic bristles and this allows an excellent rendering of the final color.

Even the production times are "natural", to allow the colors to flow and be "alive".

Some works in the catalog were made in a long time, equal to 50 hours of work.

"Beauty is the shadow of God
in the universe "

Gabriela Mistral

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Browse you the complete catalog of watercolors online 

Write me

to request information.

I will be happy to answer you,

I wait for you!

Red pittura a olio
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Valentina Mulè

What you transmit with your works is Paradise.

The Lord uses you by moving His light with your brushes. God take your artworks where there is a need to peek a bit of Heaven.

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Dawid Kownacki

Your colors are the colors of the Heaven that came down to earth

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Patrizia Papa

Your watercolors are gorgeous and

full of deep meaning 

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