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Wine Art

Girded towel and basin, broken bread and poured wine, are the memorial of Christ's sacrifice.

By these signs I have started a new series of artworks that reproduce the Lord Jesus, and thus be able to remember His great love for each of us.

The purple color of wine is highly symbolic: it is the color that in ancient times was attributed to kings and therefore recalls the royalty of Christ. It also brings to mind the color of the blood Jesus scattered on the cross.

During the realization of the works, all the hues of this "supernatural" color alternate: from the light red of the first draft, to the bright red of the subsequent coats up to the purplish color that results in the final layers.

Times of realization are "natural", to allow the colors to flow and the Holy Spirit to act.

These artworks are icons that require a long time, up to 50 hours of processing.

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Personal prayer

"Come Spirit of God,

Lord of Art,

create (with) me.

Love Your guide

brush / hands / heart / mind

towards an epiphany of You.

In this way the desert of the heart

it will become a garden and

the rainbow will imprint

on this canvas.

Amen " 

Title of the work: Jesus, sign of all signs

Narrator: Actor Daniele Borghi 

Song: "Wonderful six" by Corale di Palmi 

Singer: Mariagrazia Petrillo

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"What is sacred in Art
is Beauty "

Simone Weil

Write me

to request information.

I will be happy to answer you,

I wait for you!

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Rosalba Smecca

The imagination of the Spirit is unequalled!

Thanks Erika for the docility that you let yourself be used by the Artist par excellence!

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Stella Angelica Pagliaro

Thank you for your sacred brush strokes that

gush with inscrutable beauty!

photo_2022-04-26_11-03-35 - Copia.jpg

Mariagrazia Petrillo

Thank you for your clear and direct language, for your art to the service of the Word!

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