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Presentation of the Artist

I have always loved drawing.

My first memories are linked to art: my entire childhood and adolescence passed between pastels, watercolors and sketchbooks.

I graduated from the Liceo Artistico, in 2002, with the title of art teacher , and subsequently I enrolled in the Faculty of Building Engineering - Architecture of L'Aquila, where I graduated with a thesis on the recovery of historical and artistic heritage. .

My work currently alternates between architecture and art.

I create works in watercolor and digital illustrations.


I made my works available for associations and foundations (Nadia Toffa; Edoardo Marcangeli) singers (Debora Vezzani; Laetitia Ricotta) and websites for mothers and children (

I made a self-published picture book.

The title of the text is “Over the Ranobw. Postcards from Heaven” , the ebook version was read by more than 2000 readers in just six months from its publication.

I constantly update myself, taking courses in art, digital graphics, comics, watercolor, paper engineering and specialization courses in civil engineering-architecture and interior design.

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My Art Mission 

I want my works to transmit a fragment of the divine Beauty enclosed in everything .


I would like to be able to bring back in each painting a spark of light that is God , through the colors of Heaven , which I had grace to see.

I wish I could leave a mark of light, color and love through my paintings and dream of being able to touch people's hearts by opening them to the presence of God.

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